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Facebook Boosted Posts – Benefits and Best Practices

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What is a Boosted Post?

Boosted Posts are a type of advertising where Facebook allows businesses to choose a post and have it populate in the Facebook News Feed to anyone they want, based on their interests, demographics, etc.


If you want to develop brand awareness or audience engagement, then a Boosted Post is a great way to increase your visibility and audience.

Why Use Facebook Boosted Posts

Simple, to get more people to see your Facebook posts. A Boosted Post can be beneficial, especially if you have something new you want to promote and you’re not too worried about driving conversions.

If you have a new product or an event you want to promote, boosting a post is a great way to reach as many people as possible because it will get your content to more people who matter.

You also rarely have to think about budgeting because Facebook gives you increments of how much total you’d like to spend over a certain number of days. For instance, you can do $5 for seven days, $10 for 30 days, etc.


A boosted post allows you to get in front of your core audience to get more reach, engagement, comments, shares, and likes at a minimal cost.

Best Practices for Facebook Boosted Posts

Boosting a post is a great way to let your audience know what your business is up to. Here are some tips:

Have a goal in place. As helpful as boosting a post can be, you don’t want to boost everything. Instead, it’s more effective to pick and choose which posts get promoted. A Boosted Post intends to bring you more impressions, optimize driving actions, and get website visits. So if these align with your goals, then boosting a post is an excellent course of action.

Content matters. Creating compelling content is no easy task. The high number of content available to users already is enormous. You only have a limited amount of time to convince them that your post is interesting enough to get their attention. Boosting a post does not guarantee success. Content does.

Share meaningful updates. Whether it’s content related to your company or updates on what your business is doing, stay in touch with your audiences with Boosted Posts.

Promote news or discounts. Make special offers to your audiences, or invite them to upcoming events.


While boosting a post may seem cost-effective and straightforward, there is a lot to consider when using it so you can see optimal results effectively. Before you boost a post, you’ll need to know your goals, who your audience is, and why they should care. In today’s age, boosting a post is a great way to increase visibility and reach your target audience.

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