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What Is OTT Advertising and Why Is It Trending?

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Streaming TV Advertising (OTT) is quickly becoming many viewers’ preferred option for watching TV and movies, which means that knowing how to optimize advertising on these platforms is an essential step in reaching most target audiences. Here is an overview of what OTT streaming is and why advertising on these platforms is such an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy!

What Is OTT?

Over-the-top (OTT) content is quickly becoming the most frequently used alternative to older TV options. Because streaming services are quickly replacing traditional TV for many demographic groups, any effective modern marketing strategy involves finding ways to incorporate OTT (streaming online content on devices other than traditional televisions, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones) ads to reach as many viewers as possible.

Benefits of OTT Advertising

Focusing heavily on OTT advertising is an important step in effectively reaching as many viewers as possible, especially if a large percentage of your target audience prefers Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or other streaming services over traditional cable or satellite television. Some of the most significant benefits of incorporating this type of advertising into your brand’s digital marketing strategies include:

  • The ability to reach a larger percentage of your target audience by making sure that your ads can be found on as many of their preferred platforms as possible
  • The ability to focus a higher percentage of your digital marketing budget on specific platforms that your target audience tends to prefer, such as Hulu, Paramount+, PlutoTV, Sling, Samsung TV Plus, DirectTV, or other specific streaming platforms or channels that were created with people that are more likely to view specific types of content in mind
  • More measurable metrics that allow your business to track website visits and purchases that are linked to a specific device that your ads were viewed on
  • Non-skippable ads, which makes them more difficult to ignore than ads that are found on YouTube and other websites

At V Digital Services, we are here to help your brand find solutions for advertising on as many platforms as possible to reach a higher number of viewers, including emerging options that have the potential to eventually replace more traditional ways to watch TV. Contact us today to learn more about why businesses need to prioritize OTT advertising or to get started!