Website Hosting

If you’ve considered the website hosting needs of your business and just feel overwhelmed, V Digital Services can help. We offer secure web hosting services at very affordable rates. You can rest assured that your website is set up for success as our secure servers have optimal bandwidth capacity and redundancy monitoring to ensure your website is stable and reliable for your customers at all times. We can also offer dedicated servers and server migration, and all our hosting services are backed with committed customer service.

Website Maintenance

In today’s highly competitive business world, all successful companies have websites. To build and maintain a strong reputation in your industry and consistently draw the attention of potential customers, your website must be updated regularly. This is called website maintenance and at V Digital Services, we’re experts at it – you can think of us as your in-house website maintenance and improvement team! With our affordable website maintenance packages (which can also be bundled with our hosting services), you just send us your site updates and change requests and we handle the rest. Your work will be completed promptly and exactly as requested.

Doing it Right

One size does not fit all at V Digital Services. We offer custom hosting and maintenance packages to fit your needs.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are available for larger sites, eCommerce sites or running multiple sites in one environment.

Bandwidth and Storage

Bandwidth and storage limits can be customized to fit you website’s needs and can increase to match your growing business!

Flexible Maintenance Packages

Maintenance packages can be customized to meet your website’s needs whether it’s an occasional minor update or regularly adding or modifying pages, content or products.

What Do You Get With Hosting and Maintenance?


  • Cloud-based environment
  • Regularly scheduled back-ups
  • User account set up
  • Multi-site capabilities
  • Dedicated IP addresses available
  • SSL registration and renewal available


  • Hosting included
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Site and plugin updates
  • Page content updates
  • Creation of new pages
  • eCommerce product updates

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All content is needed prior to starting the web design process. This allows us to gather all the information and details to fully design your new website.
Our Team at V Digital Services is highly skilled and ready to help with additional needs for your website. If you need additional written content for your website, we will be happy to assist you in creating new written content. We also have Graphic Designers on staff that can find or create images that will enhance your website. *Additional fees may be charged for content writing and graphic work.
Once all needed content has been received, the entire web build process will take approximately 5-6 weeks to complete, or longer for complex sites. However, the first step after we review your content and design elements, is to create a new homepage mockup within a few weeks so you can easily visualize your new website.
Yes, we offer comprehensive training once your website is complete.

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