Web Maintenance Solutions for Agencies

V Digital Services’ website maintenance solutions are an excellent way to keep your agency and clients’ websites running smoothly and securely.

A good website maintenance service should take the burden of updating the website’s core, plugins, and themes off your hands and handle other maintenance tasks like regular backups to ensure you never lose important data.

Ensuring that your client’s website runs at its best is essential for providing a good experience for visitors and keeping valuable search engine rankings. With professional website maintenance solutions, you can rest assured that all the critical updates will be performed in a timely manner without having to lift a finger yourself. In addition to installing updates, they can also customize the look and feel of your agency and client’s sites or address any security vulnerabilities that need attention. Access to this expertise saves you time and reduces the risk of running into technical complications down the line.



We offer best-in-class ongoing maintenance services with plans to fit your agency’s needs. V Digital has built a trusted and performance-driven platform to serve small to enterprise-level websites. With many years of investment in building and maintaining a scalable, secure infrastructure for websites and applications, the V Digital web maintenance solutions provide target SLAs required for today’s 24-7 digital marketing websites.

We provide options. You can maintain your client’s site within our hosting environment, or we can manage your client’s WordPress sites in partnership with you.

Website maintenance packages for every size organization

Website maintenance packages are an essential component of any organization’s digital presence. Regardless of the size or complexity of your agency, VDS has the proper website maintenance that is necessary to keep everything running smoothly and ensure customers have a great experience when accessing websites. Packages from third-party organizations offer reliable and comprehensive support for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a webmaster full-time.

The benefits of utilizing a website maintenance package provided by VDS include around-the-clock maintenance for all technical aspects of websites. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, security enhancements, analytics tracking, monitoring, and optimization to ensure your site is always updated with the latest technology and customer expectations. The ease and affordability of these packages provide make them an ideal solution for any size organization. They can scale easily as the business grows and needs change over time. In addition, they can be customized to fit specific business needs while also offering access to experts who understand both digital marketing trends and industry standards related to websites.


Our website maintenance packages are designed to provide comprehensive support for all aspects of a website. From technical support to security updates and code reviews, we have the tools to ensure sites run at peak performance. We also offer managed support services that go beyond just tech help, such as optimization and speed adjustments that can help you rank higher in search engine results. With our custom plans, your company will have an experienced partner providing round-the-clock assistance with any website issues you may encounter.


With our help desk tech support, your team has access to quick answers for all common questions and problems related to your client’s website. Some features in our maintenance solutions include:

  • Keep the site updated with the plugin, theme, and WordPress core file updates.
  • Keeping the site safe through security scanning, 24/7 monitoring, antivirus, and daily backups.
  • Priority status for maintenance clients’ requests with the same-day response and 2-5 day completion.
  • Typical maintenance requests include text and image changes, new page creation, form creation, and plugin integration.

VDS Maintenance Plans

  • Web Maintenance Standard – 2 hours of dedicated development time. Optionally includes hosting.
  • Web Maintenance Professional – 4 hours of dedicated development time per month. Optionally includes hosting.

Get The Maintenance Solutions Your Agency Needs Today with V Digital Services

V Digital Services’ website maintenance solutions for businesses and organizations are both convenient and comprehensive. Our mission is to provide our clients with exemplary customer service that exemplifies professional care each step of the way. Our dedicated team is consistently online to quickly answer questions regarding website maintenance issues, so you don’t have to worry about problems getting worse or needing multiple rounds of guesswork to repair them. In addition, we offer Frequently Asked Questions pages on our website to help accommodate any uncertainties before even contacting our team directly. The team of web experts we have at VDS provides a unique opportunity for businesses seeking website maintenance support – and we truly believe no other company provides what VDS does regarding both cost-effectiveness and quality assurance.

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