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Programmatic & RTB – Phoenix, AZ

Guaranteed Performance

Programmatic Buying is online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, analyzed and optimized via demand side software interfaces and algorithms. This strategy not only includes RTB (Real Time Bidding), but also non-RTB methods such as Facebook Ads API and Google Display Network.

Our team of Programmatic Buying experts can tailor a plan for any budget. We are so confident in our strategies that we will guarantee a certain number of clicks based on total impressions purchased and we can reach your Exact Target Audience online through whatever device they prefer to consume web content.

Frequency Targeting
Control how often a user sees your ad and increase or decrease that frequency

Demographic Targeting
Direct your ad to users based on gender, age group and/or income level

Behavioral Targeting
Direct your ad to users based on their tracked online behavior and interests

Day Parting
Make your ad visible to users only at specific times of day

Content Targeting
Show your ad only to users viewing content which is relevant to your target audience

Geographic Targeting
Show your ad only to users in a specific geographic area, such as by country, state or city, down to zip code level.

Next steps you can take to guarantee improved performances

Full On SEO & Content Marketing

This monthly package includes all that the Site Care + Maintenance package include plus:

  • Optimization of up to 30 pages each month
  • High quality relevant back-links achieved each month
  • Blog optimization
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly content marketing
  • Personal account manger and an SEO specialist

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Site Care + Maintenance

This is a low monthly fee package that includes:

  • 404 Monitoring and redirection setup
  • Five additional pages optimized each month for your site
  • A list of recommendation to other beneficial implementations
  • A Custom dashboard to view your website performance reports

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