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Content Marketing for Local SEO: Improve Your Google Business Profile Listing

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Local SEO

What is local SEO content? Is it just a simple description I add about my business for others to read on my Google Business Profile (GBP) listing? Is it just typing out a post on my GBP listing? The answer is…wait for it…yes! But it is not just for the general public to see. How content is constructed is not only taken into consideration by Google users, but by Google itself. Such content can either work for your listing or against it if it’s not properly thought out.

Geting Started With Local SEO Content Marketing

While there are many different ways to strategize on how to optimize your Google Business Profile listing(s), one of the biggest methods, if not the biggest, is by developing viable content within your listing(s). Original content and proper keyword distribution within such content can leave a big impact on how a listing is found and listed within Google and other search engines. This can often be an intimidating and over-thought process for many.

Good News: You don’t have to be a creative J. K. Rowling writer in order to create useful content.

Better News: Because of recent additions to Google Business Profile, Google has provided some helpful building blocks for creating viable content for its users. Your GBP listing provides you with competitive keywords related to your business.

Google Introduces Query Data to the GBP Dashboard

Within the last few months, Google Business Profile has provided its users with an update that shares the most relevant and popular keywords and keyword phrases that businesses are being searched for.

This is an example of the keyword insights that a GBP page provides:
Keyword Query Example

How Does The Query Data Help You?

Adding viable keywords that your listing(s) provides you with can assist in how Google categorizes and ranks your listing when being searched for by potential customers and/or clients. Adding these in your business description and listing posts is the best way to make this happen. This can provide a massive impact in driving more search results to your business, thus leading to more chances for customer engagement.

Disclaimer: Going up in rankings is not something that happens overnight.

As much as we all want instantaneous results and to be the number 1, this is still a form of SEO. Moving up in rankings and popularity is a gradual process.

One might think, “If this doesn’t provide me with anything right now then why even put effort into the listing’s content at all?”

Everyone wants long-term success for their business. Providing quality content gets recognized over time. Once the momentum for a quality listing begins, it has the potential to proceed faster as time goes on. What one does or doesn’t do for their business today can greatly affect what happens tomorrow.

What Not To Do: Overstuffing Your Keywords is Bad News

As much as we might want to put every single popular word that relates to our business in a description or a post, it’s not a good idea.

Simply putting nothing but keywords or creating an elongated sentence with a list of too many keywords has the potential to be flagged by Google.

In the end, your content doesn’t need to be created by a world-class English major. It just needs to be comprehensible and clearly express what your business is and what it has to offer.

How to Compose Your GBP Listing Content

Now, it’s time to write. Take a breath and take your time. Don’t overthink the verbiage. Begin to think out and jot down what your business is and what it specializes in. What does your business stand for? What do you want the public to take away from your business? Where is your business located? Does your business have a special coming up that would be best served in a GBP listing post? Also, think of what individuals might type into Google when searching for businesses like yours.

Once you’ve got some clear and well-stated content, take a look at the keyword query insights on your GBP. See how you can properly insert some of these keywords and/or keyword phrases into your content if you haven’t already. Other keywords that apply to your business are not off the table either. Clearly stating what your business is and what it does is the most important thing. Keeping your content fairly ambiguous and/or open to interpretation can come across as misleading and prevent individuals from interacting with your listing.

“I think I’ve typed everything I wanted to say.”

Have you checked your spelling? Grammar? Is everything comprehensible to the average person? Have you added viable keywords to your content? Have you stated where your business is located? If so, you’ve created some well-stated and well-optimized content!


Where to Add Content in Your Google Business Profile Listing

Here is where you can type out your business description:

Business Description Example

Business Description Example – Second Screen


Here is where you can type out your content for posts:

GBP Post Example

GBP Posting Example 2

As updates are on a continual rollout with Google – more than likely there will be more chances for you to provide your listing with more written content. Providing quality and original content to your listing and utilizing your keywords will not only gain the attention from potential customers but Google as well.

Getting Your Local Content On Point

Here at V Digital Services, we understand that perfecting your content for local SEO is a large project to undertake and that’s why we are here to walk you through the process. We can also step in and lend a hand through our local SEO services and content services. Don’t hesitate to connect with us today for further assistance with your next local SEO campaign.