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What does “HTTPS” in a web address mean?
If you’ve spent time browsing the web lately, you’ve likely noticed that many websites have a URL beginning with “HTTPS” – where they used to say “HTTP.” And odds are, you haven’t given much thought to the HTTP vs. HTTPS meaning. But if you’re a business owner with your website, now’s the time to learn [...] KEEP READING
7 of the Best Value Propositions for Your Business
What is a Value Proposition? Your value proposition is arguably the key component of your marketing strategy. And yet, you would be surprised to realize just how many businesses make it difficult for consumers to discern their value proposition – or can’t pinpoint it, to begin with! But whether you’re here to refine your existing [...] KEEP READING
Google reviews and how to remove them
Google reviews are a valuable asset for an SMB (SMB is an abbreviation for small and medium-sized businesses) in an ever-evolving online world. Reviews are a window into real-world customers’ views and opinions of services and products. They are an integral part of online shopping but also essential for local businesses. More and more users [...] KEEP READING