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Local SEO

For the  Digital Conference, the Local SEO department reviewed several key aspects related to product knowledge, benefits, and industry trends that all focused on driving client success and growth.

The following is an overview of the local SEO presentation:


How Has Local SEO Evolved?

In the last year, Google has made many changes to its algorithm and how it interacts with our local SEO product. V Digital strives to overcome these obstacles and deliver a holistic strategy that revolves around a client’s GBP page. The following updates have been made to the local SEO industry/product:

  • G+ Insights Data Change
  • Updated reports and how G+ Insights changes are reflected
  • Separation of Google+ and GBP pages
  • Business descriptions are being removed from listings and replaced with a 140-character tagline
  • Staying ahead of the curve with algorithm updates – possum & ads in map results

Hyper-Local SEO

  • Hyperlocal is an advertising solution specifically designed for local small businesses with or without a website.
  • Hyperlocal takes your local SEO listing and displays it in higher rankings on Google, Google Maps, and relevant partner websites on both desktop and mobile.
  • Hyperlocal clients must have a local SEO campaign established with V Digital Services in order to implement

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Where Does Local SEO Fit in the Sales Funnel?

  • Local SEO can really help in the Decision and Action phases of the sales funnel for driving store traffic
  • This is the most cost-effective way to capture these low-funnel leads and get them into your place of business
  • Business Goals to accomplish with Local SEO:
    • Increase Page One visibility on Maps and Mobile Search for categories associated with your business
    • Increase views of listing to convert more actions – driving directions, calls, and clicks to the website

What are the Benefits of a Local SEO Campaign with V Digital?

We consider and implement a strategy for all factors that impact ranking which is unique amongst Local SEO solutions. SMBs need experts and the best practices approach because Local SEO is more competitive, more complex, and has more to manage than ever before.

And, as a Google Premier Partner, we have access to the latest online marketing technologies, industry research, product updates, and the Google partners’ community.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are working with a partner that has earned the badge, which shows our clients are happy and we follow Google Best Practices

V Digital also uses tools to ensure client success:

  • Reporting QA
    • Ensuring accurate data is on each report along with up-to-date categories, optimizations, completed tasks & custom work
    • Custom tasks will include ANY completed task not included in our deliverable timeline this added value will assist the client’s ranking and optimization efforts. These tasks will be included in the completed section of a client’s report.
  • Red Flag Report
    • A monthly report that compares clients trends. This is a bird’s eye view for the team to quickly identify downtrends and allows us to be proactive with our optimizations.
  • Comparative Matrix
    • This comparison is performed to ensure that a client’s categories and keywords are present within their Tagline, Description, and on-site content.

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What Is The Timeline of Local SEO Services?

Months 1+:

Months 2+:

  • Enhance the Richness of Listings
  • Top Tier Citations
  • Fix Inaccurate Data & Suppress Duplicates

Months 2, 13+:

  • Aggregator Syndication

Month 3 (and every 6 months thereafter):

  • Backlinking

Month 4+:

  • Niche & Geo Citations

Month 5:

  • Website Audit

Months 7+:

  • Reviews & Reputation Audit


  • Benchmark and Progress Reports

What Industries See the Most Success with Local SEO:

Any business that wants their location to be found

  • Restaurants
  • Clubs/entertainment
  • Retail
  • Health/beauty/fitness
  • Auto repair
  • Brick & mortar locations
  • Multi-location businesses

What KPI’s Should Businesses Track with Local SEO?

  1. Growth In Views including Map, Search & Photo Views
  2. Increase in Driving directions pushing foot traffic to a client’s location
  3. An increase in Phone calls showing users are both finding the business and clicking to call for more info
  4. Website clicks showing user interaction
  5. Increased Rankings in Google.com and Google Maps
  6. Increase in reviews showing users actually purchased client product