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Search Engine Marketing is exactly what its name implies – you’re paying for an advertising slot to market your business on search engines. How do you maximize the potential of that advertising slot? Finding the right ad funnels and building targeted audiences around demographics, services, seasonality and other campaign attributes is a complex process that our experienced search engine marketing strategists have mastered.

Paid search campaigns are the fastest method of reaching potential customers when they search for your products. Let the experts at V Digital Services create a paid search campaign for your business.

Doing It Right

With an enhanced understanding of how your customers engage on social media, we can create micro-targeted campaigns on your behalf, reaching a hyper-relevant segment of your customers.

What Do You Get With Paid Search Engine Campaigns?

  • High-Level Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Competitor Analysis & Industry Research
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Dedicated account manager, paid expert and creative team
  • Detailed Human Analysis & Custom Consulting
  • Regular Exploration Of New Markets & Mediums
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Sale, Lead, & Call Tracking
  • 24/7 Campaign Tracking
  • Flexible, Custom Reporting
  • Access To Exclusive AdWords Beta Opportunities
  • Geotargeting & Dayparting Analysis

Are you ready to place your ad in front of customers who are looking to buy?

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Citations are mentions of the business name address and phone number (NAP) on placements like online directories and websites. Search engines like Google consider a citation as a vote for the local business. The more relevant the citations are better.
Google does not report on keyword ranking for local business listings. The information provided by Google will include the number of views and clicks your listing have generated over a specific time period.
Services areas are built out by a mile radius from your location, cities or zip codes. Each area needs to be added to the GMB listing and will aid in "near me" searches related to your categories.
Accurate NAP info, quality citations strategy, positive online reviews and an optimized website will be the base for your ranking success. Other practices such as producing content on your blog and interacting on social media will be your next step. Reach out to our specialists to learn more.

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