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Local Website Audits

Throughout the month of August, sales reps have been receiving website audits from the Local SEO team. These website audits were designed to provide a quick and easy checklist of what onsite optimizations needed to be completed to assist the local SEO campaign. However, from a sales perspective, the website audits were designed to hit two crucial points:

  1. Retain current clients by driving campaign metrics and client success.
  2. Incrementalize current local SEO clients by adding web development and organic SEO services to their package.

How do we do this though? How are we going to incrementalize our current local SEO clients?

It’s simple! The report breaks down several key factors that correlate back to a product or service that we offer. The following products should be recommended if the website audit contains variables:

Missing Variable
  • City / State / Primary category is not present in the title tag
  • City / State/ Secondary category is not present in meta description, header, or body tags
  • A Google map is not embedded into the website
  • markup does not exist and/or does not match Google NAP information

Recommended package – Organic SEO

Missing Variable
  • Word count is less than 300 words

Recommended product / service – That additional content be purchased or an organic professional / enterprise level package, which provides content.

Missing Variable
  • Site is not mobile friendly

Recommended package – A new website build that could simply transfer their current site to a mobile-friendly Word Press website.

The local website audit is designed to increase campaign performance while also identifying areas of opportunity for the sales teams. Local SEO specialists will continue to deliver these reports for all clients. The team is also able to further clarify the sales opportunities as needed.

Guide to Building Local Landing Pages

Written by Trevor Weitzel (Organic SEO Manager)

What are the key factors that will improve local SEO performance for a landing page? There are six major components (for example, using targeted geo terms) that should be incorporated in a landing page of a local SEO campaign. Understand these major components and learn how the agency can help with landing page design and content to assist your clients.

Riley Andersen – Presale Specialist

riley andersonRiley has been working within the digital marketing space for the last two years. He began his journey by working with a start-up in the adtech industry by writing proposals for new clients. There, he got a broad overview of the entire digital marketing world. After that, he became a copywriter at a social media-marketing firm in Old Town Scottsdale. His primary duty was writing copy about cars and trucks.

A passion for learning new things and a drive to go further down the digital marketing rabbit hole led him to a role as a Digital Strategist at V Digital.

Brent Davis – Organic SEO Specialist

“You know what it’s like having five kids? Imagine you’re drowning. And someone hands you a baby.”

Brent used to ski, mountain bike, rock climb, and do lots of cool stuff. Then Brent had five kids.

That aside, Brent loves all things digital. When he first learned about the Internet, he built an “online corkboard” using Microsoft FrontPage, where people sent him money through the mail to post items (yes, people actually sent money). Since then, he’s learned to work extensively with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, the technical aspects of SEO, and enjoys learning to code Ruby in his spare time.

Brent feels lucky to work in SEO for his career, and is excited to work for V Digital Services.

Campaign of the Month

Client – Denver
City Media Rep – Bert Ross
Account Manager – Megan Esposito
Organic SEO Specialist – Kyle McKay


Chronic Therapy began working with V Digital Services in May 2015 to boost their search engine visibility. The goal of the campaign has always been to have a strong digital presence that would result in more leads coming through organic SEO sources. V Digital Services accomplished this by constantly implementing the following strategies:

  • Conduct all onsite optimizations in order to have a technically sound website and to enhance the foundation for the campaign
  • Deliver monthly backlinks across highly desirable websites in order to establish a diverse backlink profile
  • Create rich content (both on-page copy and blog topics) that matches the services they offer and geo-specific keywords within the Denver DMA
  • Provide insight for their current website to create a highly engaging user experience for new and returning users

By implementing the above strategy, Chronic Therapy has experienced monthly increases in organic traffic and tremendous growth since the campaign initially started.

Month over month increase (July compared to June)

  • Sessions: 2,486 (July) vs. 2,162 (June) | 15% increase
  • New users: 2,084 (July) vs. 1,849 (June) | 12.71% increase
  • Goal completions (calls): 49 (July) vs. 22 (June) | 122% increase

Year over year increase (July 2016 vs. July 2015)

  • Sessions: 2,486 (2016) vs. 67 (2015) | 3,610% increase
  • New users: 2,084 (2016) vs. 55 (2015) | 3,689% increase
  • Goal completions (calls): 4,800 (2016) vs. 1 (2015) | 4,800% increase


The results outlined above have built a strong partnership between Chronic Therapy, Denver Westword and V Digital Services. On the most recent progression call, Jason (Chronic Therapy Owner) said, “July was the best month they’ve ever had at the shop. I’m really excited about that and will continue with the current strategy and content.”

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