2016 Digital Conference

In October of 2016, V Digital Services will hold its 2nd annual digital conference in downtown Phoenix. All attending managers, publishers, and sales representatives enjoy three days of important sales curriculum for them to take back to their respective cities.

The digital conference will include but not be restricted to:

  • Hands on training from Google Partner representative, Tom Hammel
  • Team members introducing new products that will be rolled out by V Digital Services
  • Industry updates and insights that may affect current and future clients
  • New sales tools to assist prospecting and closing sales
  • Updates and adjustments to current V Digital Services products

The purpose of the conference is to educate, motivate and grow with one another. Each team member will take an in-depth dive across multiple aspects of digital marketing with the intention of relaying this valuable information back to their respective cities.

V Digital Services looks forward to our 2016 Digital Conference and all future digital conferences to come!

Five Stars: How Local Reviews Can Help Shape Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Written By Trevor Weitzel (Organic SEO Manager)

For the most part, business owners have control over their digital presence. They control what is posted on their website, social channels, and blog pages which all assist organic SEO results. The one aspect that customers control is the power of reviews. Reviews not only have an impact on your organic SEO campaign but can determine whether or not future customers will use the business’s service or buy their product. Learn a few tips and tricks on how to manage and protect your business’s online reputation. Read More

Improve Ad Performance with Adwords’ New Expanded Text Ads

Written By Mat Nelson (PPC Specialist)

Google’s update to the character limit within AdWords is the biggest update to the platform in the last 12 years. It allows advertisers to display more characters in an ad thus resulting in a stronger messaging and call-to-action. A stronger message results in a higher CTR, which as we all know, leads to more traffic and more conversions. If you are prospecting a client for PPC and they are not using expanded text, it is a crucial point to make during the sales process! Read More

New Team Members


Tyler Higginbotham is a programming major studying at the University of Phoenix. He has spent the last few years working in call centers around the Valley, but got a chance to work on an SEO team last summer. He learned quickly and found that he really enjoyed working on an Organic Search Engine Optimization team. When this opportunity came, he had to jump on it and was lucky enough to be accepted. Tyler hopes to learn even more and to succeed with V Digital Services for years to come.

In his free time, Tyler is a nerd through and through. He loves working on programming projects and reading through PC Magazine and PC World publications as well as playing games on the super-beefed-up PC he built. Tyler also really enjoys music. He was in a small band for a couple of years as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. That didn’t work out, but he still loves jamming with friends from time to time.

Tyler’s Favorite Quote is: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – Paul McCartney

Rock Star of the Quarter


Every quarter, V Digital Services will be choosing an Account Manager or Fulfillment Specialist that has demonstrated exceptional devotion to driving client success, has incrementalized their book of business or is simply an invaluable asset to the agency.

For Q3 of 2016, Taylor Owen received the Rock Star of the Quarter Award. Taylor Owen is fully devoted to managing and incrementalizing his book of business. He provides insightful analytics to clients that assist them in driving the highest possible ROI.

Congratulations, Taylor Owen!

Campaign of the Month

Client: Hilltop Trailers

City Media Rep – Nicholas Rupar

Account Manager – Megan Esposito

Facebook Ads Specialist – Miguel Torres


Hilltop Trailer Sales, one of our longest standing clients, normally experiences a slower season with lead generations towards the end of the year. After discovering this information, the Account Manager and City Media Rep decided to pitch Facebook Ads in order to actively target users who fit their normal clientele.

This strategy would take the reverse approach of Organic SEO or PPC as both of these initiatives rely on users to make a search query in Google in order to get in front of them. With this Facebook ads strategy, we would be able to put Hilltop Trailer Sales’ messaging in front of users and make it easy for them to submit their contact information.

This resulted in the following strategy and campaign results:

  • Gender – Male/Female
  • Age: 18+
  • Geo: Brainerd, Minneapolis, and Rochester, Minnesota
  • Interest to target: Users interested in RV camping, camping, and caravanning
  • Ad type: Lead generation ad which allows users to quickly click a button and the ad collects the user’s name, email address and phone number and then sends it to the client.
  • Impressions: 42,142 that reached 23,656 users
  • Clicks: 1,749
  • CTR: 4.15% (extremely high for Facebook)
  • CPC: $0.32
  • Leads: 34 for September

Normally, this client does not see very many leads coming through during this time of year; however, they have found Facebook ads very beneficial. This bottom of the funnel approach increased volume in leads, which will result in an increased volume in sales of trailers for the client.

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