Website Showcase

We welcome you to take a minute to explore these websites we have released to the internet world and of which we are quite proud.

Name: Muse The Salon
Industry: Beauty
Market: Dallas, TX

Muse needed a new, modern and responsive site that showcased their talents and the unique style of the salon. A secondary and, of course, important goal was to increase leads – appointment requests – through the site. After the first three weeks, they reported their conversion rate was at 80% compared to almost zero with the former site. They attribute this to both the responsiveness of the site and having obvious calls to action compared to the previous site.

Name: Matsuhisa Restaurants
Industry: Food
Market: Denver, CO

Matsuhisa needed to consolidate three separate sites for three locations into one. The previous sites were outdated and not responsive. We worked closely with the management team to achieve a high-end appeal that showcased both the amazing cuisine and the architecture of the restaurants. The result is a very pleased ownership team who would like us to assist with future restaurant endeavors.

Name: Jet Water Pipes
Industry: Smoking Accessories
Market: National

Touting themselves as the most-engineered water pipe in the world, Jet Water Pipes needed an upgrade for their shopping cart. Previously, the cart was a simple, custom-built cart, but was not a responsive design. We delivered a well-organized, beautiful Shopify store that highlights their products and accessories and set a new sales record the day it opened.

Local Social: How to Be Found In Social Media Search

One in five page views in the United States occurs on Facebook as more and more people are using Facebook and logging in more frequently. As friends, family, and brands are utilizing the social media platform, more time is being spent searching for information using the Facebook search bar.

To learn more about how local searches work on Social Media, read “Local Social: How to Be Found In Social Media Search” written by our very own Aaron Johnson, Social Media Specialist at V Digital Services.

Why You Need to Complement Your Local SEO With PPC

When it comes to being successful in the digital marketing space, it is absolutely vital that you be nimble and adapt quickly. In case you hadn’t noticed, Google changes A LOT!

To learn more about an integrated search strategy, read “Why You Need to Complement Your Local SEO With PPC,” written by our very own Josh Ciotti, Organic SEO Specialist at V Digital Services.

Personnel Changes

Welcome Rick Jacobsen, Courtney Sundin and Sean Lau

Rick Jacobsen – SEO Specialist

Hometown: Chandler, AZ/Dublin, Ireland (In Ireland he’s American, and in America he’s Irish)

Hobbies: Basketball, hanging out with family and friends, chess, poker, and ranking websites

Favorite Band/Artist: Recently, Rick’s been letting Spotify discover new bands and artists for him. A few that he’s been rocking out to lately include Ben Howard, Beirut, and White Rabbits.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? John Lennon… maybe on one of his acid trips? That’d be an interesting conversation.

Courtney Sundin – Graphic Designer

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Hobbies: Guitar, singing, hand lettering, and photography

Favorite Band/Artist: Us the Duo

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? Jesus

Sean Lau – Paid Media Specialist

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ (moved around Arizona a bunch, but never lived outside of the state)

Hobbies:  Movies, TV Shows, Hanging out with friends and video games

Favorite Band/Artist: Twenty One Pilots

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? Elon Musk

Campaign of the Month

Ace Home Services – Integrated Strategy

Client: Ace Home Services
City Media Rep  – Dan Zamudio
V Digital Agency Account Manager – Taylor Owen
Local SEO Specialist – Chris Lively
Organic SEO Specialist – Anthony Patterson
Paid Media Specialist – Mat Nelson
Social Media Specialist – Richie Martin

Ace Home Services’ core business objective is driving leads for heating, cooling and plumbing services in the metro Phoenix area.

From month one to month two, their leads more than doubled!

By integrating the SEO, social and paid media strategies, including programmatic campaigns, we have quickly increased the client’s digital footprint and driven better quality leads.

In May, overall traffic to the website more than tripled and Users and Pageviews more than doubled from April!

With great communication between the client, the sales rep and the agency team, and posting giveaways and relevant, timely content, the client has also reached over 300,000 Facebook users in May serving more than 500,000 impressions. This is great reach for any business on Facebook and amazing for a for a home services page! All but three posts in May reached over 10,000 people.

Overall, the client is very happy with their results and we are off to a great start!

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