December Newsletter

VDS Launches New Website Offering Interactive Customer Experience

V Digital Services has just launched our brand new website at Our web development team designed this technologically advanced site to take customers on an interactive journey to discover how VDS’ complete range of digital marketing services can benefit their business.

Visitors begin their journey by selecting an industry from the following choices:

  • Automotive
  • Home Service
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Medical
  • Law
  • Other

They are then shown how customers can be captured and moved through the sales funnel by using our services, including: Organic SEO, Local SEO, Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, Paid Media, and Web Development.

Clients can view the entire sales funnel process, taking customers from awareness through to the ultimate goal, loyalty.

VDS staff and sales teams are encouraged to use the site to help clients as well as potential clients understand how we drive success and how we measure our success by that of our clients.

In a press release announcing the new website, V Digital Services’ CEO Scott Tobias noted, “We’re extremely proud of our new website and we are confident that users will enjoy it as well. It allows clients to easily understand how our services will capture customers for their business and move them successfully through the sales funnel, while increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.”

Read more about the new website on the VDS blog.

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New Team Members

Angie Matturro – Paid Specialist

Angie has a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Brunel University in London and a Bachelor’s in International Relations from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. During her undergraduate studies she was fortunate enough to do a year of intensive European Union studies in Brussels as well.

When she moved to London for school, she never planned on returning; but, living in London was expensive and no one wanted to hire an American without a work visa. So she came back home and reevaluated her life. She wanted to do something creative and she wanted to do something to give back.

She started working for non-profits and learned that if you’re under the age of 35, everyone expects you to run their social media accounts!  She says she fell in love with finding new and creative ways to find the correct audiences for her non-profits, specifically using ads. She thinks that social is a unique way to reach people on a medium that they have a predisposition to trust (whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing).

Fun facts Angie shared about herself:
  • She has two cats named Ragnar and Max.
  • She speaks conversational French and would like to practice it if anyone is interested!
  • She describes her musical tastes as anything with guitar or banjo. She loves all things bluegrass and is a massive metalhead, favorite subgenres being: black metal and progressive metal.


Ryan Osborn – Paid Specialist

Ryan says that the best way to describe himself would be “semi-awkward, fun, outgoing, and giant nerd.”

He spends his time off work playing sports, riding dirt bikes, racing off-road cars and playing video games.

He notes that he has a real love for digital marketing and “decent beer” and is very proficient in Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and Paid media as a whole.

He drinks tea (not coffee), carries his hydro flask everywhere and is never far from a good set of headphones. He is very excited to be a part of V Digital Services!


Casey Corbin – Pre-Sales

Casey says when things get weird, he gets weirder. He enjoys long naps on the beach as an Arizona native with a California State of Mind.

He’s a real Rock Paper Scissors expert and invites anyone that wants to play to track him down after he’s had his coffee. A severe addiction to spicy food once ended up with him getting an upper body endoscopy!

He says his ideal day includes good tea, a good book, and a rainstorm. His cat’s name is Muhammad. He affirms he has huge ambitions and one day hopes to rule the world, “but don’t worry, I have a huge heart and everyone will like my benevolent leadership!”

He claims that from a purely professional aspect, he is sharpest in the following areas, in no particular order: Programmatic Display (2nd and 3rd Party Data), Marketing Automation and Email Marketing, and AdWords/PPC.

He also mentions he really enjoys looking at marketing and business as functions from the same family, and seeing the “holistic” view. “Helping companies see success is what drives me,” he adds.

He wants to own a Dutch Bros in the suburbs someday and says that he has philanthropic interests as well, hoping to have his own non-profit that helps the less fortunate (namely the homeless and the hungry) by the end of 2017. Reach out to Casey if you’re interested in a volunteer opportunity!

Campaign of the Month

Client: American Social
City Media Rep: Miami New Times
Organic Specialist: Josh Ciotti
Local Specialist: Ash Cyress

American Social Kitchen & Bar, located in Brickell and Las Olas and coming soon to Tampa Bay, recognized the need to improve their digital presence to drive more brand awareness and visibility for the offerings at their multiple locations.

The success of this campaign has been attributed largely to the integrated approach between VDS and the American Social marketing teams to drive interest and traffic for relevant offerings, services, and events. We have taken a local search-based approach to increase AmSo’s visibility for non-branded searches around their two current locations.

Organic and Local SEO continue to be a proven method to increase brand awareness and visibility and to drive local traffic into these businesses. They started their Organic and Local campaign with V Digital Services in June of 2015. Their campaign performance highlights include:

  • 39,842 organic website sessions over past 90 days (64% increase vs. previous 90 days)
  • 32,760 unique organic website visitors over past 90 days (79% increase vs. previous 90 days)
  • 56% increase in organic page views to the Brickell Dinner Menu page over last 90 days
  • 127% increase in organic page views to the Las Olas Lunch/Dinner Menu page over the last 90 days
  • Organic is the leading source of traffic to the website
  • 179,585 combined views from Local SEO in Nov. 2016
  • 8,843 combined clicks from Local SEO in Nov. 2016
  • 1,489 total calls in Nov. 2016 between organic and local searches

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