Changes coming to Instagram

Here’s What the Instagram Changes Mean for Your Personal and Business Accounts

Recently, Instagram acknowledged that their newsfeed would no longer display photos in chronological order, but rather it will be based on an algorithm much like its parent company, Facebook. While this information has been made public, Instagram is still working through the new algorithm which could take weeks, if not months, to implement.

To learn more about these changes, read “Here’s What Instagram Changes Mean for Your Personal and Business Accounts” written by our very own Elizabeth Hallbeck, Social Media Specialist at V Digital Services.

YouTube Advertisements for the Auto Industry

How Valley Chevy Benefits from YouTube for Branding Efforts

The automotive industry has historically relied on traditional marketing efforts to highlight their new and/or used car inventories, holiday sales and general branding in their local areas. Many dealers have traditionally used television, radio and print for their advertising, but the auto industry is now breaking new ground in the digital age.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Google search queries grew by 13% with mobile queries increasing by 33%. The automotive industry is growing rapidly within the digital realm, but what aspects of these campaigns are important for dealers to keep in mind with their digital marketing campaigns?


One important aspect is YouTube advertisements. Many of V Digital Services’ auto clients have promoted their dealerships through television and thus have the assets available to advertise on YouTube as well.

For example, Valley Chevy in Phoenix had a video already created for television purposes. The V Digital Services PPC team simply took the video, added the slate at the end (screen shot below) and advertised within YouTube.


For the month of February, the video generated 108,827 views with 21% of users interacting with the ad itself. This resulted in $0.13 cost per view while accomplishing their overall business objective of brand awareness. While the achieved goal was brand awareness, the campaign also garnered the following indirect results:

Request to find a dealer close to user – 15 goal completions
Visited more than five pages on the site – 30 goal completions
Spent more than 2 minutes on the site – 107goal completions

Needless to say, Valley Chevy was very pleased with the campaign results!

YouTube Video: Chevy Truck: Best in Class – Motor Trend Award | Valley Chevy YouTube Video

V Digital Services has a number of current automotive dealership clients for whom we have used YouTube advertisements as a successful campaign strategy. We are also moving forward with a number of new clients, including I25 Kia as the newest partnership, utilizing YouTube advertising. This strategy is not only supported by V Digital Services, but highly recommended by our Google Partners.

If you wish to add YouTube campaigns for your current clients, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager. If you need assistance to quote a YouTube ad campaign to potential new client, please submit an audit to Ashley Antill.

Personnel Changes to Pre-Sales and Organic SEO

Welcome Michael Skarsten and congratulate Josh Ciotti

joshciotiJosh Ciotti – Organic SEO Specialist

Josh started with V Digital Services in April of 2015. As a Pre-sales Specialist, he not only met the day-to-day expectations, but quickly surpassed them. In 2016, Josh expressed an interest in broadening his product knowledge specifically within Organic SEO.

We made the decision to move him over as an Organic Specialist and have no doubt that he will be able to surpass expectations just as he did in pre-sales. Congratulations, Josh!

mikeMichael Skarsten – Pre-sale Specialist

Michael comes to us as a Marketing Professional with a journalist background after attending and graduating from ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism. He has several years of experience in Content Strategy and Project Management.

When he is not busy putting together awesome audits for potential clients, you can most likely find him doing stand-up comedy somewhere in the Valley.

Welcome to the team Michael!

Campaign of the Month

Client – AZ Pain Centers
City Media Rep – Jennifer Meister
Account Manager – Tim Thiel
Paid Media Strategist – Carlos Mendez


AZ Pain Centers’ core business objectives include:

  1. Driving new patient leads
  2. Brand Awareness / Brand Protection

When the client contracted V Digital Services in July 2015, they were not tracking leads through their PPC campaigns at all.

Since July, the agency has been tracking and optimizing their campaign for leads. Through weekly optimizations, the campaign has shown a steady increase in Conversion Rate, which averaged 14.34% over the life of the campaign.


Conversely, the Cost per Conversion has seen a steady decrease over that same time period, averaging $43.50 over the life of the campaign.



Note: Spend was reduced in January and February to prepare for the client’s imminent rebranding of their entire business, including a new website.

Here are some Key Performance Indicators for the campaign in February:

  • 87 Conversions
  • 16.96% Conversion Rate
  • $31.21 Cost per Conversion
  • 4.4% CTR
  • 4.65 Pages / Sessions from Paid Traffic
  • 2:24 Average Session Duration from Paid Traffic
  • 72.43% New Sessions from Paid Traffic

The success of the campaign has been attributed to the close interaction between the strategist, account manager, city rep and client to implement the following:

  • Conversion tracking and conversion-based bidding
  • Optimizing for search terms that the paid team determined were converting best
  • Optimizing ads with Sitelink Extensions, Location Extensions, Call Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions
  • Utilizing the mobile bid adjustment tool to maximize conversions on mobile devices
  • Day-parting ads to display at optimal times to convert

While the pain management industry is continually growing and very competitive, V Digital Services and the Phoenix New Times have built a growing partnership with AZ Pain Centers to successfully achieve the client’s business objectives.

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