Color Psychology in Marketing: What Are Your Hues Doing For You?

You can probably rattle off a list of colors you like and dislike, but did you know that your gut response to various shades might be deeper than you think?  Researchers and skilled marketers have explored the link between colors and emotions, delving into the science of color psychology. And while there’s plenty to be […] KEEP READING

120 Graphic Design Terms

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A Complete Guide to the Google Penguin Algorithm Update

Nearly a decade ago, Google debuted a major update to their algorithm, aiming for manipulative link-building practices and link spam – and the rest, as they say, was history. Officially known as the Google Penguin Update, the webspam algorithm forever changed the way websites are ranked by Google. Before it was released, link volume was […] KEEP READING

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8 Effective eCommerce SEO Tips To Boost Store Traffic

Ecommerce retailers need to focus on SEO even more than the average business. If increased traffic directly impacts your bottom line, which it certainly will, eCommerce SEO needs to be an absolute priority when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. In fact, with online stores, you could be looking at the potential to double […] KEEP READING

Guide to Building Local Landing Pages

Updated: Sept 2021 Local landing pages have some serious potential to convert the right users for your business, and there are plenty of numbers that back that up. What’s the catch? If you want to successfully secure those conversions and see measurable results for your business, you’re going to need to know how to build […] KEEP READING

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How to Get Backlinks

If you want to implement a successful search strategy that drives traffic to your website, there are two words you need to know now: Relevance Authority And we don’t mean just knowing what the words themselves mean; we’re talking about understanding them as key ranking factors and the building blocks of an effective SEO strategy.  […] KEEP READING

Positioning in Marketing: Carving Out Your Business Niche

No matter how unique your business may be, it can sometimes feel as if you have countless competitors with concepts nearly identical to yours. And depending on your industry, you might very well be dealing with some serious oversaturation. Luckily, you can set yourself apart with the right strategy and create a niche where your […] KEEP READING

SEO vs PPC – Adwords: Pros and Cons of Both

When you’re working with a limited digital marketing budget and need to maximize your return on investment, being prepared to make informed decisions is key. And even once you reach a level of success that allows you to invest far more in advertising, cost-effectiveness will likely always be a top priority. One of the most […] KEEP READING

What is a Landing Page? Do I Need One?

How to Create a Landing Page Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a fledgling entrepreneur, the term “landing page” can be somewhat of a mystery. While the term is frequently used in discussions of online marketing and often described as a “must-have” feature of marketing campaigns, it’s not uncommon for people to have plenty […] KEEP READING

SEO Guide to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

You might think that search engine optimization is something reserved for your business website and digital marketing content, but SEO actually has powers that reach far beyond that. As it turns out, learning how to optimize your LinkedIn profile is something that you’ll want to tackle sooner than later. For years, LinkedIn has had a […] KEEP READING

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