Engagement-Boosting Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

engagement boosting social media marketing tips for small businesses

In the age of the Internet, word of mouth is a powerful marketing source. Capturing the average user’s attention for approximately 135 minutes a day in 2017, social media posts are the modern version of watercooler conversations, multiplied by millions and reaching across the globe. With more people logging on than ever before, it’s the […] KEEP READING

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management. Blog Post

Maintaining a good reputation has always been a foundational component of building a successful business. But nowadays, your brand’s reputation goes much further than the conversations taking place in your local community – in our digital era your online reputation can make or break your business. What is an Online Reputation? Your online reputation is […] KEEP READING


How to Pitch a Press Release to Upper Management

There’s a lot of information about writing press releases available out there, but knowing when it’s time to pitch a potential press release opportunity to your business owner or upper management may still be somewhat of a mystery for people who don’t work in publicity full-time. Press releases are not “old-school” modes of delivering your […] KEEP READING

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Franchise Businesses and Social Media: Starting Social Media & Managing Multiple Profiles

franchise businesses and social media starting social media managing multiple profiles

With the popularity of social media among consumers today, it is critical that businesses have a robust online presence to reach and interact with their customers and followers. For franchise businesses who already struggle with brand consistency, lead generation, and onboarding issues, using social networks effectively is even more challenging, as the smallest mistake can […] KEEP READING

Content Clean Up Time: Content Audits Explained

H1 Color Psychology in Marketing and Branding is All About Contex

(Updated: Match 4, 2022) When crafting an effective content strategy, there’s no such thing as a “set it and forget it” option. It might seem like it would be easier to create, post, and be done with content, but that approach isn’t going to get you anywhere near your short- or long-term goals. Instead, a […] KEEP READING

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How to Use Social Media for Small Business: 11 Simple Tips

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In the grand scheme of things, social media is only in its infancy – and yet, it’s virtually impossible to remember what marketing was like before it existed. For most of us, scrolling our social media feeds is a staple of our daily routines, something that often accompanies our morning coffee, our lunch break, and […] KEEP READING

Your Social Media 2021 Marketing Calendar

Your Social Media 2021 Marketing Calendar. Blog Post

It’s time to reflect on 2020 and plan for your 2021 social marketing campaigns. In light of the recent pandemic, digital customer engagement has never been a more vital marketing need. We can clearly say that today’s consumer is digital-first and that social channels have never been more critical. You need to ensure you focus […] KEEP READING

When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook? (Updated for 2022)

best time post facebook

SEO – and digital marketing in general – is both an art and a science. Luckily, the V Digital Services team is full of talented people that are ready to tackle your digital marketing strategy and make it stronger and more effective than ever. Whether it’s H1 tag optimization that has you puzzled, or you’re ready for a total strategy redo, V Digital Services has you covered.

Is there a 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar to Help Me with My Social Strategy?

Is there a 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar to Help Me with My Social Strategy

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Five Effective Ways to Write Compelling Blog Titles

five effective ways to write compelling blog titles

Blog titles are the first part of your blog post that your readers will see and the part that’s responsible for getting readers to click through and read the rest -remember that is the ultimate goal of content, right? Your blog title is even more important because it is how people find your content online […] KEEP READING