How to Support Social Media Staff as a Small Business Owner

If you actively manage your business’s social media accounts, the chances are that you are familiar with your customers’ expectations and have a good idea of what to expect and how to respond. However, being in the midst of a global pandemic can throw all of this out of the window. For business owners, this […] KEEP READING

How to Communicate Business Changes to Your Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has the world facing a lot of uncertainty right now, and many people are unsure of what the future will look like for their businesses. Many business owners are facing drastic changes in the way business is being conducted. These changes have affected everything from orders to close temporarily, a lack of […] KEEP READING

5 Tips for Franchise Reputation Management During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has upended nearly everyone’s personal and professional lives in a very short time. With concerns about risking illness, many are opting to stay home, and many businesses have been ruled nonessential and ordered to close temporarily. This leaves businesses in a tough spot; whether or not they have been forced to […] KEEP READING

How Franchise Owners Can Catch More Mobile Users Online

The Internet changed the way people consume information, from researching the best place for an oil change to deciding where to have dinner. More consumers are online than ever before, and in recent years, mobile has surpassed desktops as the preferred way to search the web. Franchise marketing is all about consistency, which affects not only the […] KEEP READING

How to Make the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Budget

With more than three billion active social media users across platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in 2019 – companies of all sizes have seized the opportunity to increase brand awareness by using social media to engage with existing and potential customers.    Social media provides businesses with the opportunity to target, […] KEEP READING

Social Customer Service Matters More Than You Think.

There are a number of important reasons that your social media strategy should include a specific plan for customer care. In fact, the only reason you shouldn’t have a social customer care plan is because you’re still developing it!   Otherwise, you’re not only missing out on a great opportunity to cut costs and provide […] KEEP READING

What Does a Content Marketing Strategy Look Like For Franchises?

In today’s world, franchise content marketing is an essential component of your business. Gone are the days when the only way of advertising was to hang a sign outside of your establishment and knowing that word of mouth for exemplary service would bring in more customers. Now, businesses must use a multifaceted approach to increase […] KEEP READING

Tips to Increase Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

Facebook’s organic reach has been on the decline for several businesses. This has become a common theme across Facebook due to the ever-growing competition in news feeds and the over-use of promotional posting efforts. At V Digital Services, we know that with these changes continuing, it is crucial that brands and business owners remember their […] KEEP READING

What Social Media KPIs Should You Actually Be Paying Attention To?

Social media is a game-changer for how business is conducted online by leveling the playing field for small to medium-sized businesses. Today, it’s easier for small companies to compete with large corporations. We no longer live in the days where the “big guys” have a competitive edge over the “little guys” simply because they can […] KEEP READING

Engagement-Boosting Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

In the age of the Internet, word of mouth is a powerful marketing source. Capturing the average user’s attention for approximately 135 minutes a day in 2017, social media posts are the modern version of watercooler conversations, multiplied by millions and reaching across the globe. With more people logging on than ever before, it’s the […] KEEP READING